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3rdH’s overriding desire is to demonstrate the quality of its products by making them accessible. Our company works hard to keep its research true to that guiding philosophy, and the reliability of the components it uses is key. 3rdH also views the quality of its relationship with its customers as a priority. We provide a guaranteed after-sales service and software updates. Our products are wholly designed and made in the Midi-Pyrénées region of France. 3rdH takes its commitments seriously, and does not use other parties to advertise or distribute its products.
Erotic electrostimulation was first discovered in the 1950s, when a doctor inadvertently placed some electrodes close to a patient’s erogenous zones. The device was originally intended for muscle rehabilitation, but the patient could not contain the pleasure it created.

In the 1970s, medical TENS units were developed for therapeutic purposes, to relieve pain. Those devices were sometimes used to give pleasure, although they had never been designed for that purpose.

3rdH’s research is aimed at providing sensations comparable to the human touch. Developed around technology from the medical field known as IFC (InterFerential Current), the 3rdH Player is the first sexual electrostimulator capable of simulating the presence of a partner.
The 3rdH Player has its own rechargeable internal battery. The intensity of the signals it generates can be adjusted with great precision. Its keyboard and intuitive user navigation make it safe and easy to use.

The basic mode allows you to gradually introduce yourself to the sensations the stimulator can provide. The 3rdH Player includes an internal NOVA-S signal generator developed exclusively by 3rdH and dedicated to sexual electrostimulation.

The device can also be connected to an external sound source such as your phone, computer or tablet. The adjustable DSP (Digital Signal Processor) constantly monitors the shape of the signals to ensure they remain sensual.
For her, pleasure grows over time. Little sequences of slow then fast movements stimulate the erogenous zones, climbing from one pleasure level to the next.

For him, intense pleasure normally comes with orgasm and ejaculation. But 3rdH sexual electrostimulation maintains that intense pleasure sensation for minutes at a time, without any need for ejaculation or erection. The prostate is stimulated, releasing a steady flow of seminal fluid.

You are overtaken by a feeling of inner wellbeing. The pleasure builds within you, leading to a powerful orgasm, time and time again.

The 3rdH Player meets the requirements of European EMC and IEC 601-2-10 medical standards, ensuring the quality of the experience remains the same every time.
If you would like more information, you can download the 3rdH rom1SE documentation, or read it online.

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